Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash

What does it do for you?

Our Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash will leave your face feeling squeaky clean without stripping your skin of its vital moisture. 

Central heating, air con, that city commute… you face a lot during a single day. But this gentle formula will wash it all away, cleansing your skin of any Impurities with a soft, silky lather that leaves you feeling refreshed. 

Enriched with 95% natural-origin ingredients, and enriched with vitamin E, it’s gentle enough to use morning, noon or night. 

But it does more than just care for your skin. It contains raspberry seed oil, known to be a source of vitamin E, which we make using raspberries leftover from the juice industry, meaning there’s less waste overall. 

And we haven’t stopped there – this silky-smooth face wash now comes in recyclable* packaging too. 


  • Non-drying formula that leaves skin feeling clean but not stripped
  • Perfect for all skin types, even dry skin 
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and raspberry seed oil
  • Enriched with 95% natural-origin ingredients 
  • Vegan 
  • Dermatologically tested

* Where local facilities allow.

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How to use
1. Every morning or night, massage a small amount of Vitamin E Gentle Face Wash into your skin.
2. Work into your skin to lift any lingering dirt.
3. Rinse off with water.
4. Follow up with our Moisturising Toner, applied using Clean Conscious Reusable Cotton Pads.
5. Finish off with Vitamin E Moisture Day Cream or Vitamin E Night Cream, gently massaging in an upward motion for a natural lift.

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