We think you’re pretty incredible – shining the light on how to look after each other and the environment. We’d like to help you keep your inner and outer halo polished. Face peels might sound extreme, but our gel or liquid-to-gel-peels are the complete opposite. Welcome to our gentle, somewhat saintly liquid peels. These silky translucent gels are packed with clever ingredients that glide onto your skin and roll up into little noodles, scooping up lots of dulling dead skin cells and impurities as they go. Ready to let your inner goodness shine brightly? Excellent, here comes more on The Body Shop Liquid Peels.


A gel-peel is less of a peel and more of a gentle physical exfoliation, where on contact with your skin the gel turns into soft squidgy bunched up balls. So, rather than actually ‘peel’ your skin, as you massage the noodles across your face they trap redundant things like dead skin cells and pollutants – with a rolly-polly as they go. You’ll love how refreshing it feels as you rub the gel over your skin in circular motions. You get little soft bits of residue, a bit like you do from a pencil rubber – so it's super satisfying when you rinse them off. You’ll feel tingly clean and angelic with radiance that might just inspire some smiles.



Our liquid face peels are a super easy-going, fit in anywhere sort of bathroom guest. With all their squidgy rolly-polly fun, you could say they’re the bi-weekly bathroom highlight too. You’ll find yourself wishing it was your-face-peel-night every night, but as with any other sort of exfoliation, they’re best used 2-3 times a week, once a week being the minimum for the wow factor. Their kind gentle nature means they’re suitable for all skin types, and we’ve got three beauties for you to choose from. They just slip into your daily skin care routine after you’ve cleansed your face. Then they get help lure out all those defunct dead cells and unwanted grubbies out of your soon-to-be dazzling visage.



We could go as far as to say the benefits of face peeling include that joyful feeling – especially when you see the instant glow factor. They’re a lot of fun to use on top of being kind to your face – amplifying the joy of that silky smooth feeling. Face peeling helps you see the fruits of your labour – all that grime rolled up into noodles, it’s really rather satisfying. And with all this noodling helps remove dead skin from your face, encouraging new skin cells to shine forth. Liquid gel peels can even help refine face pores. All in all, they help give you a wonderful luminous complexion you can’t help sticking a smile on top of.




Feeling excited about your face peel routine? We suggest popping the music on in the background and getting a wiggle on. A facial peel routine is best done in the evening at the start of your nighttime skincare routine. Start with your usual cleansing routine to get rid of the top layer of makeup and daily grime. If you’re looking for some inspiration try our amazing Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil, it’s a dreamy all-in-one cleanser that swoops up makeup and grime in one, then you simply wash it all away with water, leaving your skin feeling clean and nourished. Finish up by patting your face dry ready for The Body Shop liquid face peel fun.



Ready? It’s showtime. We like to call this the butterfly, it’s the shape you make on your face as you rub the gel-peel around your face. You need a couple of squirts of gel on clean fingertips, then start swiping upwards across your forehead (that’s the antenna shape). Then swirl down around your nose and move across your cheeks in a circular motion (the upper butterfly wing shape). You’ll quickly start to feel those noodles forming. Next down to your chin (in the shape of a butterfly’s bottom wing). Once all the gel has completely noodled, you’re ready to rinse off with water. A good wipe with a damp Muslin Cloth will get rid of any remaining residue. And woo-hoo, you’ve now got that amazing squeaky clean gel-peel feeling.


And now your face feels relieved of dead skin cells and grime, you’ll feel your radiant best. It’s the perfect time to draft in extra moisture for that fresh layer of skin cells to lap up overnight, helping your face feel hydrated and protected. Use your usual night time moisturiser or facial oil that’s most appropriate for your skin type. Our Vitamin E Moisture Cream is a best friend to all skin types, it’s lightweight and fast absorbing, enriched with raspberry seed oil, hyaluronic acid, Community Fair Trade shea butter and aloe vera. It helps moisturise, soothe and protect for up to 48 hours, so you know you’ve got serious moisture locked for the long haul.


We mentioned earlier we had three liquid face peel beauties for you to choose from. They’re the perfect inspiration for dull looking skin to shed the gloom and brighten things up. They all work in exactly the same way where liquid-to-gel rolly-pollies across your face, swooping up grime as they go. But they’re formulated differently according to what your skin's inner radiance is asking for the most. Here’s a few tips to help you choose your new gel-peel best friend.


When you’re out and about dazzling the world with your sense of purpose, grime is pretty much unavoidable much of the time. Dust and dirt can be the enemy of our skin’s saintly halo, so we’ve developed our Edelweiss Liquid Peel. It exfoliates and helps remove impurities from your skin, lifting dead skin cells. Infused with edelweiss extract, this clever gel-to-peel helps leave skin cleansed and refreshed from the day’s grime. Regular use helps see a fresher, smoother and more luminous looking visage. Go shine!


Looking tired and need something to put a spring back in your step? Our Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel is formulated to peel away dull, tired skin cells for a happy, healthy-looking glow. Pop this glow-meister in your face routine 2-3 times a week and enjoy the ritual of gel-peeling as much as the results. It’s infused with camu camu berry extract and natural-origin vitamin C. It’s the energising, refreshing way to take care of your brilliant, beautiful skin, and leave it looking radiant and glowy.

“It's become my little Sunday night facial - have got so many friends into using it, highly recommend.”


– LuckyOo
About Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel