Refreshing & Zesty White Musk® Sport Gift Set

What does it do for you?

Give them that seriously fresh feeling with our Zesty White Musk® Sport Gift Set. Featuring our iconic light musk body wash and deodorant, it will love their body from head-to-toe.

But this gift set doesn't just love their body. Our refreshing treats are made with Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico that helps support indigenous female farmers living on the edge of the rainforests. Our trade helps supply a steady income in an area where work opportunities are limited and communities can face marginalisation.

And our Hand Wash bottle is made with 100% recycled plastic, including Community Fair Trade recycled plastic collected off the streets of Bengaluru, India. Our partnership with Plastics for Change helps provide waste pickers with a fair price and improved working conditions.

The packaging is also FSC certified and can be widely recycled.

  • White Musk® Sport Body Wash 200ml
  • White Musk® Sport Deodorant 50ml
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