You’d be forgiven for thinking, ‘face mist’, one more product for the bathroom cabinet, really? A facial mist is one of the most hard-working and versatile face products to have joined the mission to keep our mugs hydrated and fresh looking all day long. These beauties don’t have to leave your side come day or night, you can use them before or after moisturisers and makeup. They come into their own in the middle of the day when your face starts to feel dehydrated, especially if you’re in contact with aircon or dry atmospheres. They don’t need a time-consuming routine, you just spritz on, feel refreshed, and let them do their thing.


You know you’re a winner, right? Out there caring, sharing and standing up for what’s right. Think of a face mist as your own personal cheerleader. When you take a moment out of your busy day to breathe, you might notice your face feels drained of its morning hydration. That’s when your facial mist spray needs to come out of your bag. All our hydrating face mists contain naturally inspired hydrating ingredients in a handy spray. Pause, close your eyes and spritz on the heavenly, refreshing mist in a moment of well-deserved personal glory. When you open your eyes, you’ll be ready to charge into the rest of the day with your best foot forward.



So, how to get your face mist cheerleader working for you? First up, this no-nonsense product can be used in any which way you fancy. After you’ve cleansed your face you can spray straight on for instant hydration. They spray on evenly and are absorbed super quickly, so no hanging about for that freshy-hydrated dewy look when you’re in a hurry.


Face mists are with you every step of the day, just like a best friend. One of the cleverest things about them is that they can be spritzed on over makeup, and the benefits are two-fold. They can help set makeup in place and increase its lifespan. They’re a bit like that person that everyone loves, because they just crack on, demand no special treatment and get the job done no matter what circumstances they face. You could even give yours a name, we won’t tell.

Using a face spray couldn’t be simpler. Here’s some easy get-to-know-each-other instructions for you and your cheerleader. Always give your face mist a good shake before using it. Don’t forget to shut your eyes and mouth and don’t inhale. As much as we love them – they’re for external use only. Then hold about 15 to 20 cm away from your face and give yourself about five good squirts. Your face will lap up the mist like a thirsty plant, and you’ll enjoy a heavenly sprinkle feeling on your skin. Take care to wipe any excess off your eyes and mouth. If you feel any irritation at all to your eyes, rinse with cool water immediately and discontinue using.


A face mist for every occasion? Pretty much, certainly for all your skin’s needs. Let’s start with dull, tired looking skin – sometimes even the best looked-after skin needs perking up. Look out for our Vitamin C Energising Face Mist, a champion of spritely looking skin, helping to revive and awaken skin cells. Thirsty dehydrated skin – sometimes with those tell-tale fine lines? Who you gonna call? Our Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist of course. This ridiculously well-equipped gel face mist delivers 48-hour hydration. And for those of us out and about in the sunshine, we have something of a specialist cheerleader. Try our Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF30 PA++. More on all these top-notch face mists below.


You’re shining far too brightly to warrant a lack-lustre visage, we simply won’t allow it. We’ve formulated a sparkler of a hydrating face mist for those moments when your nose is way too deep in books or screens, and you haven’t brushed against the elements for days. Consequently, your face might be sulking a little. Our bobby dazzler is of course our Vitamin C Energising Face Mist. Enriched with camu camu, a berry from the Amazonian rainforest, notorious for having a higher concentration of vitamin C than most. Also infused with our famous Community Fair Trade aloe vera from Mexico, this little beauty soothes and refreshes tired and grumpy skin and ekes out the radiance you deserve.


We know you’re an adventurer and that doesn’t mean a life of shade-bathing. So, when you’re out and about with your sunscreen on and fancy a quick hydrate, we’ve got the perfect travel size face mist for you. Enter our fantastic multi-tasker, Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF30 PA++. Pretty much as it says, helps protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well as pollution. And contrary to what the SPF face mist ingredients might suggest, this is a super-lightweight, cloud-like mist dries quickly without leaving your skin sticky or greasy. There’s more, also infused with red algae extract and vitamin C, it helps your skin look as bright and radiant as you.




And something rather special for those hard-working faces who need an extra dose of hydration. No ordinary face mist, Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist starts off as a gel and forms an ultra-lightweight mist when sprayed onto skin. It’s super gentle, simply infused with vitamin E, a work-horse of a vitamin – protecting, hydrating and soothing skin. This champion cheerleader hydrates for a whole 48-hours, so great for dry skin or if you’re in the drying clutches of air con, dry or wintery weather. A few spritzes and you’ll feel transported to the scene of an 80’s movie where there’s a dreamy water fountain spraying mist over well-deserving adventurers. You know the scene!