Feel Floral Wild Jasmine Big Gift Box

What does it do for you?

Bask in the luscious, flowery scent of Wild Jasmine all Ramadan and Eid with this huge box of vegan treats.

Lather up with our cleansing and fragrant shower gel. Leave skin feeling moisturised with a dollop of body cream. Then refresh with a few spritzes of our body mist and eau de toilette. These vegan treats are infused with liberating notes of Indian jasmine, violet leaf and white iris.

But this gift doesn't just uplift you on your journey. It supports our Community Fair Trade partners who helped us make it.

Our shower gel is enriched with Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico that helps support indigenous female farmers living on the edge of the rainforests. Our trade helps supply a steady income in an area where work opportunities are limited and communities can face marginalisation.

And our body cream is enriched with Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana that helps provide financial independence to over 600 women across 11 villages. We also pay a premium on top of a fair price to help invest in community projects. Today, over 49,000 people indirectly benefit from this premium fund. Pretty amazing, right?

Oh, we almost forgot – the gift box is also recyclable.* What’s not to love?

So, give this gift or treat yourself to celebrate strength and unity this Ramadan and Eid. And discover how else our trade helps support communities across the globe.

  • Wild Jasmine Shower Gel 250ml
  • Wild Jasmine Body Cream 200ml
  • Wild Jasmine Body Mist 100ml
  • Wild Jasmine Eau de Toilette 50ml

*Where local facilities allow, excludes ribbon.

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